Stuart S. Roth

STUART S. ROTH is a pragmatic optimist with a pessimistic streak living in the Northeastern United States. Happily married and settled, he now cranks out periodic short stories and is finalizing a novel for publication. Having been a lifelong amateur writer, Stuart currently toils in the real-world occupation of finance and accounting. This career unwittingly gave a jump-start to his creative avocation by allowing him to travel the world as an auditor. Over a two-year period he visited 14 countries and got to experience a much larger world. Some Indiana Jones like exploits included: concussing himself on a beam moments before introducing himself to the local management team; conducting an IT Audit in Morocco without speaking Arabic—to a staff who didn’t speak English!—and presiding over an assignment in Vietnam while suffering from dehydration and the effects of malaria pills. To this day he cannot watch Apocalypse Now without having flashbacks to Nam: “The heat, the humidity… the horrible accounting”.

Stuart contributed two stories to Somewhere in the Middle of Eternity, “The Obligation of Kitsune” and “Deluge” and managed to do so again with “The Willow Tree” and “The Mule” in Elsewhere in the Middle of Eternity.

Click here to listen to Stuart’s paranormal story, “Spanish Moss,” an episode of the Cattail Country Store series narrated by Steven H. Wilson.

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