Susanna Reilly

SUSANNA REILLY has been enthusiastic about writing since she was named first runner up in a story-writing contest at the age of 11. For many years, writing took a back seat to school, work, and motherhood but the fire stayed alive. It was stoked in the late 1990s, early 2000’s when she joined a science fiction fan club that published an annual fanzine. Although the fanzine sold less than 30 copies per year (mostly to friends and family of the authors), the joy of writing stories in the Star Trek, Highlander, and Stargate universes kept her going (some of those stories can still be found on, author name SMR723).

Susanna’s first professional publication came in 2013 when her short story, “To Protect and To Serve”, was included in the anthology, Unclaimed Baggage: Voices of The Main Line Writers. She subsequently published two stories (“Form and Substance” and “Perchance to Dream”) in the anthology  Somewhere in the Middle of Eternity and contributedTree of Love” to Elsewhere in the Middle of Eternity.

Check out Susanna’s bibliography:  Goodreads-Badge