In Two Places at Once!

On Saturday, June 22, Firebringer Press will be represented at two events simultaneously!

Firebringer Press publisher and writer, Steven H. Wilson, will speak at the Carroll County Public Library in Eldersburg,  MD from 1PM to 2PM.

Boomers, GenX-ers, and the Final Frontier

The generation that grew up after television but before the Internet saw the birth of a whole new kind of popular culture; tales of other worlds, possible futures, and strange alien life forms captured the imaginations of many. From math club nerds to geek chic, from hiding comics in our textbooks to Marvel movies dominating the box office, fans of the fantastic have come a long way. Steven Howell Wilson, author, publisher, science fiction convention promoter, fanfiction writer, blogger, podcaster, and Star Trek comics scribe will lead you on a journey through the history of an amazing era. Millennials and GenZ-ers welcome if you promise not to make fun of our flip phones!

Firebringer Press author Phil Giunta will have a table in Creator Alley at the Lehigh Valley Comic Con on Saturday, June 22 from 10AM to 4PM at Lehigh Carbon Community College in Schecksville, PA.

Guests include Michele Knotz, Ken Hunt, Will Torres, Richard Laslo, John Allemand, Brittany Brubaker, Felicia Faulkner, Troy Vevasis, Jack Hillman, and many more!

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