Lance Woods

LANCE WOODS began his writing “career” in 1967 by penning a one-page episode of the Batman TV series at age 5. His published works by Firebringer Press include the short stories “Dead Air” in the anthology Somewhere in the 
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMiddle of Eternity (2014), “The Gravest Show Unearthed in Elsewhere in the Middle of Eternity (2016), and Heroic Park: A SuperHuman Times Novel (2012).

Lance also performs with Prometheus Radio Theatre, is a founding member of both the Cheap Treks comedy troupe and The Boogie Knights filk group, and has had two comedy-mysteries—Breeding Will Tell and Murder Case—produced by the Baltimore Playwrights Festival. In the real world, he has worked for more than 25 years writing in the comic-book industry, but if he told you what he did, he’d have to bore you.

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