Heroic Park: A Superhuman Times Novel by Lance Woods

WITH GREAT POWERS COME A GREAT VACATION … IF YOU SURVIVE. For decades, you’ve lived and worked alongside superhumans. But admit it: you’ve always wondered what life would be like if you had super-powers. Now, thanks to cutting-edge science and old-fashioned showmanship, you can speed, soar, and more at the revolutionary Heroic Park in Tucson, Arizona! But when a park employee suffers a tragic, bizarre death just days before the opening of the park’s new expansion, Kevin Dunbar, correspondent for The SuperHuman Times, wants to find out why. Joined by superhuman comic-book artist Rei Shinozaki and “retired” sorceress Nataliya Tzone, Dunbar follows a trail that leads from the depths of the park’s subterranean maintenance labyrinths to the skies above its faux New York city streets. But can they unravel the myriad threads of technology, magic, politics, egos, and romance before Heroic Park becomes a fatal attraction?

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