“The Dividing Wall” in the Middle of Eternity

We’re thrilled to have another of our core storytellers return for this final voyage into the Middle of Eternity.

Stuart Roth has been with us since book one and has crafted some of our most unusual and memorable tales, including his latest entry, which he discusses below.

Memories affect who we are, but if those memories become confused, how does that change our essence?

In my story, “The Dividing Wall,” twin sisters grow up in Berlin, living through World War II, the division of their city during the Cold War, and the eventual fall of the Wall. Time and experiences have defined who they are. During that time, the sisters are watched by a creature of the wastes of eternity. Individuality and identity are nothing but a curiosity to such a being. Memories and emotion become a snare that entangles the three and highlight the dividing wall between living and existing.

STUART S. ROTH lives in the Philadelphia, PA area. His work has appeared in anthologies for Pseudoscope Publishing and prior volumes of Firebringer’s Middle of Eternity Series. He has recently completed a novel entitled Myomria and is shopping it around for publication. For freelance work, Stuart can be contacted at stuartroth42@gmail.com. He also takes criticism, good or bad, and loves to hear from readers.

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Meanwhile in the Middle of Eternity

We look forward to launching Meanwhile in the Middle of Eternity in February 2021. In the meantime, check out the first volumes in the series by clicking on a cover image below.

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