Illustrations from the Middle of Eternity

For our third and final trek into the Middle of Eternity, artist Michael Riehl returns to provide a gorgeous cover and is joined by Laura Inglis, Tim Marron, Cheyenne-Autumn Christine Reilly, and authors Julie Feedon and Christopher Ochs to grace each story with a black and white illustration.

Below is a gallery of some of the artwork you’ll find in the pages of Meanwhile in the Middle of Eternity.

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Surge of Pride-Illlustration   "It Just Happened" Illlustration by Tim Marron

"Girlfriend in the Basement" Illlustration by Tim Marron    "Queen of Forest" Illlustration by Laura Inglis

So Hungry-Illustration by MIchael Riehl     "Eyes of the Beholder" Illlustration by Tim Marron

"Connecting Vines" Illlustration by Laura Inglis     Meanwhile in the Middle of Eternity Prototype Cover


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