“It Just Happened” in the Middle of Eternity

It Just Happened-IllustrationJoining us for the first time in the Middle of Eternity is Peter Ong, who discusses the inspiration behind his action-packed military SF story.

I wrote “It Just Happened” based on the comic book movies, Sci-Fi video game stories, and Graphic Novels.  While I’m not a buyer and a reader of comic books and Graphic Novels, I do manage to flip through a few sometimes to gain a sense of the technology, stories, and the action told and illustrated throughout the pages.  The visual imaginations of these genres’ artists truly astound and mesmerize those who read and watch them.

In “It Just Happened,” I took the approach of empowering the female role models in action and leadership roles, similar to the superheroines found on television and in the movies.  Often the protagonist is a male carrying a massive rifle. I wanted to reverse that role and have the female perform this function, leading a squad of S.W.A.T. police to apprehend a high-ranking and successful CEO in a world where money, fame, prestige, and power reaches far beyond the normal grasp of law enforcement and the government in a game of “Catch Up.”

How will governments of the future respond to such crooked galactic-wide businesses when space is so vast and there are many places to hide?  For starters, the law enforcement arm of these governments will pursue those high priority suspects on their radars. The perpetrators know this, adjusting their bodyguards, armory, lifestyles, and activities to stay a few steps ahead of the law by fielding the best technologies and resources that money can buy.

Thus, “It Just Happened” is a story of this “cat and mouse” game pitting the police against the most powerful Society has created in a tale of the “Best against the best”—corporate vs. government, crime boss vs. agent and squad leader, spaceship vs. spaceship, and the one-on-one challenge of mental and physical combat skills to determine the outcome of a mystery across time and space.

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PETER ONG is a freelance writer based in California, USA with a bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing/Graphic Design and a master’s degree in Business. He writes for defense, maritime, and emergency vehicle publications and also for product and travel reviews and blog websites.

Meanwhile in the Middle of Eternity

We look forward to launching Meanwhile in the Middle of Eternity in February 2021.  In the meantime, check out the first volumes in the series by clicking on a cover image below.

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